About Me

My name is Octa Dandy Saiyar, my daily life is usually called by the name Dandy, Tanjung is my clan that signifies me as a descendant of the original Minangkabau tribe. The meaning of my own name is a man who places particular importance upon physical appearance, refined language, and leisurely hobbies, pursued with the appearance of non chalance in a cult of Self. I do understand my parents by giving a name like that.

            I was born on October  7th, 1983 in Hutan Kayu, Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia. I was the first of four children, and of course we are a very large family.   I graduated from high school in Jakarta that SMAN 3 Setiabudi, Jakarta. At that time I am committed to continue my studies to a higher level. I was majored in Accounting  Faculty of economics. There are various reasons why I took this studying, among which the interest in the world of accounting management and obsessed with the various issues that graduating from this course will work . I have aspirations to continue my studies abroad with a major in the Master of Management.

I have a quiet nature and compassionate. I am very fond of each person. People said I never get angry, but I just always try to restrain anger and envy. I am very angry with someone if I get hurt over and over again without any error so great. I have the usual behavior makes others feel less comfortable that has a very quiet nature and test others. I have lived in maintaining the principle of friendship “Love is that condition in the which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”​

           I am so obsessed with someone who has a high science and humble, I hope to have a heart like that. I take hold of my life motto is “Every successful person must have a failure. Do not be afraid to fail Because failure is a part of success. “